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My Why

Added: 2017-01-11 21:06:08 +0000
My Why
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- Title : My Why
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Often times we know the answer, but aren't able to apply it because it may not be in the forefront of our minds, I’ve had many people on my Snapchat, say to me I really motivated them to do something. Then another, friend said “I wish you were around every time I needed motivation and words of wisdom.” This ripple effect that has occurred from me just sharing knowledge to benefit friends & family, I want to expand it to the world and offer a drop of inspiration to everyone. This podcast is for the business person, business owner, creator, entrepreneur, salesperson, or nonhuman that needs a drop of inspiration. My mission is to enlighten & inspire my listeners to become the greatest version of themselves through small incremental improvements. Stay tuned for 5-30 min long episodes featuring inspirational guests, inspiring stories, and quick tips & tricks to rocket you into a life of passion and purpose. Please subscribe and share if you think someone you love can benefit from this. Inspired by: Tony Robbins, Rob Dial, Sarah Lewis, TED, Gabrielle Union, Marcus Garvey, Rihanna, Isaac Lidsky, Lidia Yuknavitch, Brian Little, Warren Buffet, Jamie Foxx

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