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Life's Big Drip

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Life's Big Drip
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- Title : Life's Big Drip
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Adam Coppock - Real Live Drums Michael Walker - Bass, Guitars, Acoustic Piano, Vocals Lyrics by Walker / Music by Screach Mixed & Mastered on the Fostex 8 under the Big Sky in Purple Datsun Studio - Life's Big Drip Parts of them were eroding Through the hard rock and the clay These were times all too familiar When nature has her way They were grateful for every evening Soaked in the sun of every good day Just a handful of rain and some laughter They used memory to help ease pain So they crossed the big river of life Swam to the other side Swam the big river against a raging current Just to see what it would be like So who could hardly blame them You could see it in their eyes The city was crushing them It had become do or die You could see it taking them over Every good fiber that they had The pushing the fighting and the shoving For every little inch You could hardly tell the difference Between the beauty the beast and the man Forgetting who I was Where I am from Who I am So I saw it walking by a television A neon blink of the eye Happiness for just 3 easy payments $29.95 So my baby she said to me I am going to make you up a remedy all my own Some sunshine, some rain and some whisky and some special smoke she had grown In that moment we became aware Loneliness it would flee Just her and me alone and a cup of mushroom tea Parts of them eroding eroding through the hard rock and clay These times all too familiar When Nature has her way

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