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My Brother

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My Brother
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My Brother by Screach Adam Coppock - Real Live Drums Michael Walker - Guitars, Bass, Vocals Lyrics by Screach as they came out... My Brother Everything that matters speaks so loud... Why is it so hard to tell the ones you love that you love them now? When you wake up feeling blue Why is the switch so hard to turn on Whats a boy to do? Live, Listen, dreaming the night away... Give, it's better than receiving any day How come it doesn't matter which side I am on How come winning seems so darn important Living, loving and trusting one another Tell me Mack have you seen my long lost Brother? Family, I can never get along with my family God Dam me, Why cant I ever get along with my family I guess its just one of them things you just have to learn to get along with... Live with yourself Justice, Peace, Getting along with each other Tell me Mack have you seen my long lost My Only Brother

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