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Screach Improvisation start to Finish with Vocal, Rhythm Acoustic & Real Live Drums in single take...Electric guitar, percussion, bass dubbed in... M Walker - Guitars and Vocals Adam Coppock - Drums & Congo's America She took me for a ride I didn't notice the colors changed everything just went a little bit harder that night she took me on that ride I never really looked back I just got on top of that fast track I looked inside of those dark green eyes I just jumped on and I held on for dear life and we went on down to that little Midwestern town checked in about 11 o clock that night she tucked me in and laid down by my side and stayed up all night scheming and planning our escape that night The next thing I knew I was a father and she was my bride 3 lovely children, no more Saturday nights took everything I guess I had and after 27 long years I can still love her when I look deep into her eyes I said Where has it gone I said where has she gone America What happened to my neighborhoods It isn't really all that hard All you have to do is try and whatever you do you have to worry but don't let it stress the love right out of your life You have to keep the lights on all of the time Because before you know it they are gone out on their own taking on the same strange trying to live out their own lives I said where has it gone I said where has she gone America She isn't gone She is just sleeping I am still believing I am still believing We can move I am believing Too strong to think about leaving I am going to face the facts I going to figure out a way, find out a way To put it all back because its too deep the roots are in wrapped around It would take too much, take too much to bring the thing down I say where has it gone I said where has she gone America