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Just A Little While

Added: 2016-03-02 22:51:33 +0000
Just A Little While
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- Title : Just A Little While
- Size : 72.51 MB
- Duration : 04:24
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- Edited : 2016-03-02 22:51:33 +0000
Tags :
- Chase
- Down
- Another
- Mile
- Open
- Collab
· Description
Tim Mathews of DaBelvis Undaground/SmogBaby added Strings and Backing Vocals re-mixing this track into something much more enriching than the original...We hope you enjoy it too! Tim Mathews - Synths, Backing Vocals, Master Mix Adam Coppock - Real Live Drums Michael Walker - Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Lyrics, Vocals Much Love - The Screach Just A Little While I know I messed up and I am just going to need a little while To Try and figure out it all in my head I know I can’t take back all the things that I have done I am going to need a little while to figure it out When I look back I can’t believe myself I can be so, so self absorbed sometimes I can’t believe myself I just have to think about it for a little while Figure out how to deal with it all by myself I don’t blame you if you have to go away from me I can’t blame you if you are going find another man to hold on to I am going to need a little while because you know I can’t stay I never have and I never will The wheels are turning and the winds blowing I am going to have to chase down another mile or two Before I get it right, I am going to need a little bit to think about it I know I messed up I know I really messed it all up this time The winds are blowing the wheels are turning I have to chase another mile down Think about it all by myself again I promise I will try to slow down Someday Stick around for more than just a little while…

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