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Cabin Jam - Rocky Mountain Moments

Added: 2016-02-18 19:36:29 +0000
Cabin Jam - Rocky Mountain Moments
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- Title : Cabin Jam - Rocky Mountain Moments
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This is posted in the spirit of "The Kitchen House Party Band" that gathers every other Monday under the brilliant Northern Skies of Nova Scotia! We sure wish we could just sled over every other Monday and join the fun! We so very much dig spontaneous organic music that it cant be understated! What I (Walker - The Screach) am scared of is a set list and a music stand... This was done 3 piece over many hours one Saturday night not long ago in the mountains of western Montana in a high alpine log cabin. The recorder didn't get pushed to play as often as it should have but the way these nights least we hit it a few times! Chad Leslie (Chadly Ray Leslie as we call him) on Lead guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin and Bass Adam Coppock on all LIVE drums Michael Walker on Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals & Harmonica Song # 1 - Improvised Jam from Screach Like Walker groove with Screach improvised vocal thoughts of the moment... Michael Walker - Drop D Rhythm Guitar & Improvised Vocal Chad Leslie - Lead Guitar Adam Coppock - Live Percussion Song # 2 - Improvised Jam Walker on Bass Guitar, Coppock on Drums & Chadly Ray ripping the licks... Song # 3 - Towns Van Zandt - White Freightliner Chad Leslie - Guitar & Vocal Adam Coppock - Live Drums Michael Walker - Harmonica and Backing Vocals Song # 4 Improvised Jam of the moment Adam Coppock - Live Drums Walker - Bass Guitar Leslie - Lead Guitar Song # 5 I Know You Rider - Grateful Dead Walker - Guitar & Vocal Leslie - Bass Coppock - Live Drums Song # 6 No Expectations - Rolling Stones - That Morphs into a Screach Improv by was getting late/early by this time... Walker - Rhythm Guitar & Vocal Leslie - Slide Guitar Coppock - Live Percussion's! Song # 7 - Traditional Bluegrass Song by Chad Leslie on his faithful Mandolin...a peaceful way to unplug for the night or morning as it had become... If you made it this far then Thanks so darn very much for even being curious enough to visit the course of the night...

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