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- Title : February
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- February
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How far can you go with 2 chords? This is some pretty tasty drumming by Adam - Don't ya think? Adam Coppock - Real Drums Michael Walker - Guitar, Bass, Vocal Screach Improvisation - Enjoy February I always tried real hard I never wanted to let you down not even once and each time I looked in your eyes I had the strength to carry on. I love the month of February I especially like the snow there is nothing much more pleasing than a crackling fire and you by my side Nowhere to go To watch the Snow Nowhere to go Without You Like a boy lost in the woods Wondering the wrong way Like the little engine that could Stuck at the top and headed down the hill the wrong way Hey I have got nowhere to watch the snow Nowhere to watch the snow With you I ain't got nothing Nowhere to watch my snow I think I'll move on down towards Idaho

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