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Lies Add Spice

Added: 2015-12-14 16:02:48 +0000
Lies Add Spice
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- Title : Lies Add Spice
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Mixed & Mastered by Erika Bach (lolademo) Mike Walker - All Guitars & Vocals Adam Coppock - 100% Live Drums Always Music & Lyrics improvised by Screachey Mike Lies Add Spice What a beautiful view An incredible site The perfect spot The feelings just right Let everything go Well you can’t get hurt The truth is nice Lies add spice Let your fears go and point your face in the wind Take out a knife and open me up and spill every little last bit What a gorgeous thing All bound up by blue The birds know why This thing is bigger than me & you Flowing through me Like the blood in my veins Making sugar From the world’s worst pains The light is incredible Every shadow heals a wound In a minute another miracle Maybe next time it’s you Looking at you closely Your eyes lock with mine Sealing in this moment Forever in time Nothing Changes, Nothing changes, and nothing changes Except the sunlight and tonight there is no moon…

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