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Miss Mary C

Added: 2015-11-23 19:26:46 +0000
Miss Mary C
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Mp3 Info :
- Title : Miss Mary C
- Size : 38.17 MB
- Duration : 03:46
- Play : 653
- Edited : 2015-11-23 19:26:46 +0000
Tags :
- Miss
- Mary
- C
· Description
Mixed and Mastered by Erika Bach at Strudel Girl Studios in Ithaca Greece Guitars & Vocals by Michael Walker Drums & Percussion's by Adam Coppock Music & Lyrics by Walker 3 Piece Magic Punctuated by Erika Bach's Mix! We All Hope You Enjoy! Miss Mary C I married Trouble A Packaged Bubble Now wont you come on and pop my cherry wont you leave me Mr. Mary Contrary I have been Stuffed not Fed I have been 6 feet into Drugs Nothing makes me want to come down harder Than the buzz you are giving Me Mr Mary is trouble Catching a buzz in seconds Flat Late for work again, what a Drag Try to make the world come to my Knees Don't look at me now baby, I've got the Disease... I am lost in your bubble Mary Mary Contrary is in trouble wont you get into my spaceship with me baby and we'll fly real far get away because Mr Mary is trouble Were gonna pop your cherry Were going to save you Miss Mary Contrary Wont you get into my spaceship Car I am gonna fly away real real Far Because I am lost now inside your bubble Mary Mary Contrary is in Trouble Wont you get into my spaceship with me baby and we will fly real far get away from Mr Mary he is trouble... Won't you come with Mary Miss Mary Contrary Why don't you get off your duffet, Miss Muffet and you me baby we will get in my spaceship and tough it...

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