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So Funny

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So Funny
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Thursday Evening Jam Session - this is another improvisation between Adam & friend of a friend named Peter and Mike Walker. This is completely Improvised in a single take with Peter achieving the lyrics as it comes from his mind...this is a mode of production we really enjoy pursuing and hope you all enjoy this particular result...I, myself, Screach, thinks Peters lyrics are fantastic considering they just spewed out to this groove - au natural organic spontaneous rock & roll! Mixed & Mastered on the Fostex 8 track as it was captured that evening by Screach... Michael Walker - All Stringed Instruments & Harmonica Adam Coppock - All Drums & Percussions Peter - Vocals & Lyrics So Funny I'd like to take a ride with you some time Nothing more would be fine than talking a ride with you sometime... I'd like it if I knew your name Sure its nothing that is plain Something almost Strange I'd like it if you told me your name and I could call on you it's hard Could you pick me up and give me a ride That way we will get there at the same time I would be really grateful to you If you could pick me up about a quarter to two...

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