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Something Up My Sleeve

Added: 2015-10-15 20:52:00 +0000
Something Up  My Sleeve
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Mp3 Info :
- Title : Something Up My Sleeve
- Size : 39.18 MB
- Duration : 03:52
- Play : 628
- Edited : 2015-10-15 20:52:00 +0000
Tags :
- Something
- Up
- My
- Sleeve
· Description
Michael Walker - All Guitars, Bass & Vocals Adam Coppock - All Drums & Percussion Erika Bach - All Mixing & Mastering Recorded in a single take in the usual manner on the Fostex 8 track - then saved by Erika and her Strudel Girl imagination! Thank You Erika for bringing our sound out and preserving a piece of our lives! We are deeply grateful! Something Up My Sleeve Take a look around and what do you see Look real close now remember what it is suppose to be Things they are not always just what they seem Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe there is something up my sleeve A margin of error exists everywhere Well nothing good really ever lasts all that long It seems forever when things are going wrong Pretending to be there is nothing up my sleeve There is something, something going on Fooling around, fooling with the right and the wrong I am feeling rowdy, feeling like doing up some good drugs Morning coming morning feeling, morning coming, ain't no pain Breaking all the rules doing things quite insane There must be something up my sleeve....something up my sleeve...uh huh....something....something up my sleeve Seems things aint always what they suppose to be maybe, maybe there is something up my sleeve...

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