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The First Time

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The First Time
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- Title : The First Time
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Mixed & Mastered by Erika Bach at Strudel Girl Studios in Ithaca Greece. All Guitars and Vocals by Michael Walker All Drums & Percussion by Adam Coppock Music by Walker The First Time Life flashes before your eyes One day it's here, next day it's all gone You can bet your Nilly Willy's it will be gone in a flash Why is it, it seems like sometimes the day is never going to end Then the next day you wonder if you could ever get it back Got to see through closed eyes Got to learn to breathe through your heart Imagine each day as a fresh new start Move towards love with every step that you take Swallow the negativity down like a piece of chocolate cake if you can When the water gets shallow The full moon begins to rise We will dance together like two teenagers Like we were in love for the first time For the first time....For the First Time My Love For the First Time We gonna dance like teenagers in love for the first time We just want to have a purpose to our lives Day after day with no reasons why Is happiness a blast from the past? Is the world just growing much too fast? Point a missile at the United States Flag Do you really think anybody hates you that bad? Bad? We all just need somebody to love....somebody to love.... We just need somebody to love.... Don't you know No, No Don't you know Oh no Don't you know...

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