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Find Our Way Home - Collab w/ Christofferson Weber & Jeff Forrest

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Find Our Way Home - Collab w/ Christofferson Weber &  Jeff Forrest
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- Title : Find Our Way Home - Collab w/ Christofferson Weber & Jeff Forrest
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Music and Lyrics by Michael Weber (Christofferson Weber) Acoustic Guitar & Vocals by Michael Weber Congo Drums by Jeff Foster Electric Guitar, Bass, Morroca, Backing Vocals by Michael Walker (Screach) Mixed and Mastered on a $99 Fostex 8 Track by The Screach Himself using mostly luck and imagination... We live in a very small world people. So small that I can hear the music coming from bedrooms and basements all over the world. It's familiar and friendly to me. I feel like we have all met before. I wonder if we met in previous lives...I hope so! I had the sincere pleasure of really feeling the Sound Cloud Gift come full circle. Michael Weber (Christofferson Weber) reached out to me via sound cloud to let me know he was going to be coming through Montana where I live and wanted to meet. Furthermore he was doing shows in Montana while he was here and asked me to play with him at a small art museum in Anaconda, MT not too far from my home - So, I did. We had a marvelous time at a marvelous venue. We played into the morning hours around a camp fire after and made great new friends. We ate and drank and enjoyed the alpine lakes of Montana together the next day. Our families met, our children met, we formed lasting friendships! What a SC Gift! It doesn't get any more rewarding! Money Cant buy Love! We just have to accept it and foster it and pour it on each other! This song is a Michael Weber original! Michael plays it and sings it with the relaxed confident feel I love so much. Jeff Foster lays down the Bongo tracks that keeps the song popping. It was a pleasure for me to put down some guitar licks, backing vocals, a little Moroccan Percussion and some Bass then mixing it on the Fostex to gain a live feel. I had to record Michael's base tracks into my cheap recorder by placing a mic near a cheap stereo I played the CD through off of SC - then build around that track. So, I apologize for the tint of sounds - it cant be as warm as it could be but it does somewhat lend to the live feel - You don't have to have loads of really expensive equipment to record a decent song - just go for it and use the tools you have in your cave! We hope you enjoy! PS - The cover shot is from the show at The Anaconda Art Museum - All Screached up... Find Our Way Home Hey there little sleeping beauty Know that you’ve been torn When everything that You’ve grown up with Has grown so worn A thousand hearts Out on the open water Have sailed upon these seas When you’re feeling The weight of the world, love Just let go please ‘Cause it’s gonna get better If we try And you don’t need to worry Your sweet eyes Yeah it’s gonna get better If we try To find our way home So where do we go from here Well that we can’t know There’s one thing We can be sure of That we control We take care of one another In all that we do And one day We’ll wake to find that Our dreams do come true

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