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To a T

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To a T
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Michael Walker all Guitars & Vocals Adam Coppock all Drums & Percussion's Music & Lyrics by Walker Plucked & Pounded Out Raw & Natural Like... To A T Stuck Sideways and Alone in Pain Stuck Alone on Top of This Tree Again Feel the Cold Wind Blowing Across My Head Putting that Brain Freeze On But I Won't Let Go I'll Just Say No Personal Punishments No Need to Explain It's just myself I Have to Blame Always playing Along Pretending to be Somebody Else But I Wont Let Go Just Say No No I'll Never Let Go Just Keep Telling You No We can Play it Again This Time to Win Standing Like a Fool Just Trying to Be Real Cool Overlook My Faults To A T Creates this shaky feeling on the Right Side of Me Concentrations of Sea Life are to Blame California-cated is the game But I Wont Let Go I'll Just Say No No, I'll Never Let Go I'll Just keep Telling You No No, No, No And We Can Play it Again Next Time to Win I Aint No Fool Just Trying to Play it Cool

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